Placing your order

We take calls on +36 20 9444 233 and +36 72 450 681. Our mechanics answer the phone from early morning till late at night. Upon each call our employees are required to confirm the type of the appliances in order to make sure all the necessary parts and tools are available, our experience shows that repairs can be done in a day with this method. Last, but not least we try to find a time that is convenient for both parties, our mechanics can arrive within a few hours, as we know how much of a nuisance a broken down appliance can be.

Our mechanic will first take a look at the appliance in question and then they will give a gross offer. If the offer suits the customer’s needs, the repairs will be carried out right on the scene. The repairs are of course always documented on a worksheet which contains data on the parts and tools used and also the duration of the warranty.

As of now, only partners have the opportunity to pay with credit card, most of our customers are therefore required to pay in cash.

We also do expert’s reports for insurance companies, scrap reports, and last but not least survey, inspection and maintenance.

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