Why choose us?

On this page we have listed the top 9 reasons why we think we would suit your needs perfectly.

Low prices

We have low prices and no extra fees.

Fast response

Fast reaction, fast call out: we don’t waste the time.

We work on Saturday

You do not have take time off work during the week.

More than 40 years of experience

We have experts both younger and older: experience and dinamism are both characteristic.

Low or even no call out fee

There is no call out fee, if we need to get required parts and come back a second time.

Unique parts? No problem!

We can get the required parts in a few days, because we know time is of the essence.


We have 1-3 years warranty depending on the type of the work.

Repairs on the scene

99 % of appliances can be repaired on the scene, 90% are repaired upon first appointment.

No more trash

We collect the waste and hazardous materials generated during the work.